As part of our commitment to serving our community, the Winchester Lions are sharing our Lions Hall for Senior Citizens with the Winchester District Memorial Hospital and Eastern Ontario Health Unit who will set up a COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Winchester. Unfortunately, this will impact anyone who has made a booking at the Hall for private events as access to the Hall will be limited to medical personnel and members of the public who require a COVID-19 screening. All bookings for March and April have been cancelled in preparation and those with bookings in May will be contacted in due course. We join with the WDMH in hoping that this centre will never need to be opened; however, it is important to plan and ensure that our fine hospital be able to care for emergencies in the Emergency Department by diverting COVID-19 assessments to our Hall. As the caretakers of the Hall, we have witnessed the careful planning that has gone on and are confident that WDMH has worked out comprehensive procedures to ensure the safety of neighbours, staff and patients at the Hall.  We hope that everyone affected by our cancellations will join us in our support for our Medical Professionals who are working diligently to help contain this virus and keep us all safe.  We will let you know once the Hall has been completely and professionally cleaned, disinfected and back to normal once this crisis has passed.

More details about the Assessment Centre will be provided by the WDMH as planning unfolds. Please visit the WDMH Website for information about the Assessment Centre, to learn the facts about reducing the spread of germs and the latest information about the Coronavirus at .

We can all do our part by getting facts from credible sources, respecting others and paying attention to the instructions of our Health Professionals.

You can contact the Lions by email at .Thank you and stay safe